Shelby Edwards

Symmetry Symmetry 

Date: 2018
Mixed performance

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Symmetry Symmetry was the project I worked on for my fourth year specialized class at the University of Guelph. It is a fake company that sells nothing of value, but uses language and visuals to create the illusion of real incentives. It is a commentary on consumerism, behavioural economics, and the power words and confidence have over behaviour. The ambiguity of the branding was an intentional choice to encourage doubt and suspicion from the viewer.

These images are all samples from the official Symmetry Symmetry Instagram account.

“Have you heard we have points cards??? We do! Get yours at a location near you!“

“A gift from us to you, our valued followers! 50% off certain memberships and upgrades! *Limited time only*“

“If you're in Guelph come by today and visit us! We will be giving out limited 50% off memberships today only! Hope to see you there”

“We talked to YOU about your experiences with US. More of this to come soon! “

“We are nothing without our loyal fans! Feedback like this means the world to us and we hear it all the time. You guys are too nice!“

“Welcome to SYMMETRY! We are committed to providing you with only the best experience. Thank you!“