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Made The Cut

Date: 2020
Dimensions: 5” x 7”
Material: Printed

“Made the Cut” is a book of illustrations of Butch haircuts.

︎︎︎It is an exploration and appreciation of a feature that is typically dismissed and frowned upon.︎︎︎ 
I wanted to give attention to a variety of Butch haircuts and ︎︎︎isolate them to emphasize their importance︎︎︎ as a source of pride, and claim to Butch identity.

By showing the haircuts without the bodies, the viewer is forced to pay attention, recognize, and appreciate a feature that means so much to the Butch identity.

︎︎︎Haircuts serve as a visual first impression and communication tool.︎︎︎
While Butch haircuts can be intimidating in their short, harsh, and sharp appearance, they ︎︎︎provide a form of comfort to other Butches in offering their recognition.︎︎︎