Shelby Edwards

Fabricated Gallery

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“A digital space for emerging and marginalized artists to show work.”

I founded Fabricated Gallery to provide accessible space for emerging artists to showcase their work. Each month a new show based on a domestic space would be virtually launched and hosted online. Each show was available to view and engage with for a month. This is an ongoing project that I hope to continue to develope and improve.

Fabricated Shows: 

1. Living Room
2. Kitchen
3. Bathroom
4. Bedroom

Featured Artists Include: 

Eden McGlennon
Abby Nowakowski
Paula McLean
Meichen Waxer
Luan Lamberty
Rebecca Payne
Johnson & Jeisson
Jonah Strub
Saul Grant
Jill Smith
Rebecca Casalino
Robert Anderson
Kaitlyn Hollander
Kenneth Charlebois
Bridgette Badowich
Kristi Poole-Adler
Nik Valkova
Dori Yuna Lonia Forster
Bryce Julien
Aimee Ruoff
Ashley Hemmings
Julie Milton
Heather Rattray
Maddie Lychek
Claire Dobbie
Audrey Chan
Emma Ongman
Stephen Edwards
Fernanda Morales Tovar
Tago Mago
Noelle Perdue
Meenakashi Ghadial
Shelby Edwards
Paige Quinn
Jinian Raine
Sof Kreidstein
Cat Iozzo
Marjan Kaviani
Colleen Alcorn